About us

Burgsvik Group är ett svenskt familjeföretag som äger, driver och utvecklar bolag inom servicenäringen.

Our history

“Burgsvik is the place on Gotland where I was born, where the journey began. My father Olle was a pastry chef and trained me early in entrepreneurship and family values that have been with me all the way and shaped what our company has become today. 

Today we are more in our family, several thousand, and we continue to grow at an exciting pace with Rasta, arenas, hotels, pubs, nightclubs and more traditional restaurants. Even though we have become a few more than there at the patisserie S: t Hans in Visby, we run the company with the same simple values. “

Dan Tervaniemi – Owner & Founder

Dan Tervaniemi grundare av Rasta
bild på första rasta restaurangen

Facts about Burgsvik Group

Burgsvik Group currently operates six business areas; Service facilities, Arena restaurants, Cultural restaurants, Gastropubs, Live Entertainment and Real Estate.

Today, Rasta is located in 26 locations in Sweden and along most country roads around the country. The facilities include restaurants, shops, hotels and complementary businesses such as Burger King, Espresso House, OKQ8, Preem and Seven Eleven. Tönnebro is the northernmost facility and Rasta Hallandsåsen the southernmost.

The arena restaurants include all restaurant, kiosk and conference activities at the arenas Ullevi and Gamla Ullevi in Gothenburg. The business area includes 5 restaurants and 32 kiosks.

In Kulturrestauranger, the restaurant movements Skansens Restauranger are run with a number of restaurants, kiosks, fast food units, party and conference floors, including the historic Solliden, Högloftet and Nyloftet. The Royal Dramatic Theater's restaurants, including Frippe and Dramatenterrassen. Haga Forum in Hagaparken and Trädgår’n in Gothenburg and Rådhuskällaren in Malmö. Since 2017, the summer club Port Du Soleil is also run at Trädgår´n.

Since 2018, the gastropubs Old Beefeater Inn and John Scott’s Gamla Ullevi, both located in Gothenburg, have also been run. Since 2019, the booking company A Star is also part of the group and since February 2020, the company also owns Hotell Erikslund in Ängelholm.

The company is today completely privately owned and owned by the Tervaniemi family who also run the company.