Cultural restaurants

Kulturrestauranger har Stockholms, Göteborg och Malmös bästa lägen för mat och dryck, konferens, fest och event. Från Dramatenterrassen i Stockholms hjärta, Sollidens matsal på Skansen till anrika Trädgår’n i Göteborg och Rådhuskällaren i Malmös kanske vackraste byggnad. 


Dramaten Restaurangerna includes Restaurang Frippe - Dramaten's back pocket which is located next to Lilla Scenen on Nybrogatan 6, Paulikafé & Terrassen - is located on Nybroplan upstairs above the box office with proximity to Stora Scenen. The terrace is open during the summer season and is located adjacent to Paulikafé and is unbeatable with its fantastic location in summer - In Dramaten's old ticket office, we have created the Dramaten bar with a live stage and a unique concept around our stage.

Skansen restaurants

There is probably no place in Sweden where you can experience as much genuine Swedish as at Skansen.

Not only because our nice environment opens up opportunities for pleasant special events and that there is a selection of suitable premises for different large parties. But also because embassies and companies with high demands on representation like to choose Skansen and return again and again. We take this as a good rating for our ability to organize a successful party.


In the basement of Malmö's historic town hall, the restaurant Rådhuskällaren offers classic dishes that vary according to the season's ingredients and holidays. Here you have a preference for game meat, both from local suppliers and national. The restaurant is also known for its popular "fillet chilli", where you can eat as much as you want of both beef fillet and pork fillet, along with various accessories. You can receive everything from larger parties to smaller private events.


Trädgår’n is Gothenburg and Sweden’s absolutely foremost and most complete entertainment arena with its over 130-year history as a fantastic and ancient entertainment oasis.

Djurgårdsbrons Sjöcafé, belägen vid Djurgårdsbron på Kungliga Djurgården i Stockholm, är en fantastisk mötesplats med restaurang, bar, kiosk, café och uthyrning av cyklar, trampbåtar, kajaker m.m. Anläggningen fungerar som en entré till Djurgården tack vare sin placering och sitt Royal Djurgården Visitor Center.